Al-SAQAR is a privately owned company with HQ in Iraq and with a longstanding and competences and capacity in the planning and execution of explosive ordnance disposal-, demining- and security contracts.

The company was founded by Iraqi’s leading specialists in these particular areas in order to engage in national as well as international contracts and projects.
The company operates with the highest possible quality- and safety levels, and the highest level of professionalism. The company seeks to deliver at the agreed time and at the price agreed.

The main company goal is to be the best supplier in Iraq.

AL-SAQAR has an extensive and comprehensive network nationally, based on the existing networks and personal contacts among authorities, commercial companies, suppliers and organizations, including the international NGOs.

AL-SAQAR’s primary market is governmental organizations, authorities, governments and companies in Iraq, where mines, ammunition and terrorist brings a challenge to the ongoing business and/or the society.

AL-SAQAR is being turned into the AL-SAQAR Global Group, containing a number of companies who is focusing on their individual markets.

AL-SAQAR is a main and preferred supplier to many governments and authorities in Iraq, when it comes to supply of high quality equipment and services.

AL-SAQAR have access to all the necessary and the variety of products and services to solve any demining-, explosive ordnance disposal- and/or security task.

This includes:

  • Manual search and detection
  • Industrialized clearing methods
  • Depth search and data logging
  • Map registration and documentation
  • Mine dogs
  • Bomb dogs
  • Mechanized clearance
  • BAC (clearance of battlefields)
  • Clearance of shooting ranges
  • EOD (clearing of conventional munition (UXO))
  • IEDD (clearing of improvised charges – e.g. terror bombs)
  • Access control
  • Mail scanning
  • Protection of workers and buildings including stand off means and equipment
  • Education and training
  • Management of fireworks and explosive chemicals

Additional AL-SAQAR supplies project management, competence- and capacity building, consultancy, quality assurance etc.

AL-SAQAR has the HQ placed in Baghdad but AL-SAQAR also has offices in Anbar and Mosel, Iraq.

If you want to know more about AL-SAQAR Company and competences, don’t hesitate to contact us, see the contact page.


Al Saqar Demining Company is a privately owned limited liability company, established under the laws and regulations of the Republic of Iraq. Its principal, place of business and main office is in Anbar Iraq.
AL-SAQAR Company was founded in Al Anbar on 2011, With the establishment of the humanitarian mine action capacity in the Republic of Iraq on 2011 AL-SAQAR was among the commercial companies to start developing human capacities for providing services of humanitarian mine and unexploded ordnance clearance in Iraq.
AL-SAQAR Demining Company existed with its own management equipment and domineers. Following the increase in the production and demining activities last couple years, AL-SAQAR Demining Company made a respectable company in Iraq. There are approximately 50 regular employees from Iraq In its Tool Box the Company has: 10 vehicles for personnel transport and for transport of demining equipment, 90 metal detectors, and 25 magnetic locators, 25 magnetometers with data logger and 100 personnel protective equipment and, 4 ambulances with doctors, paramedics and drivers.
AL-SAQAR Demining Company has a “toolkit” approach to mine/BA clearance and,  EOD operation. AL-SAQAR strictly complies with International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and Iraqis Demining Law, which require appropriate, effective, efficient and safe procedures.

Al Saqar Company is working and managing its staff and departments with SOP’s that have been accredited by the DMA of Iraq.
AL-SAQAR Demining Company is proud to state that there has never been a single, mine accident / incident in any area cleared using this methodology.

Mine Action

The team behind AL-SAQAR has, through a number of years, completed, assisted and participated in mine action projects in Iraq.

AL-SAQAR can assist you with mine clearance in accordance with international mine clearance standards (IMAS).
This applies to management of mine clearance projects, manual demining, clearance by the use of dogs, tools in combination and in particular industrial mine clearance with the latest developed and highly advanced methods.

EOD (CMD), BAC and IEDD are also included in the competence packages that AL-SAQAR offers in Iraq.

Mine clearance

AL-SAQAR is the leading commercial mine clearance contractor in Iraq.

The team behind AL-SAQAR has, through a number of years, assisted and participated in mine action projects in Iraq.

AL-SAQAR will assist you with mine clearance in all forms in accordance with international mine clearance standards (IMAS). This applies to management of mine clearance projects, manual demining, and clearance by the use of dogs, tools in combination and in particular industrial demining with the latest developed and highly advanced methods.

AL-SAQAR offers professional and very specialized quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC), as an essential part of the entire quality management program (QM).

AL-SAQAR offers, in combination with the clearance of mines or as a stand-alone service, a complete GIS documentation package, with map registration, databases, website etc. See more under Services / GIS Documentation.

AL-SAQAR has its own capacity building concept, where the domineers are trained for each specific task that AL-SAQAR participate in.

AL-SAQAR is working as a partner, general contractor or subcontractor, in cooperation with humanitarian organizations, private companies, authorities and/or military units.

AL-SAQAR conducts all their mine clearance training following the IMAS standards.

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)

AL-SAQAR is the leading commercial EOD and UXO clearance capacity in Iraq.

The team behind AL-SAQAR has over the last 7 years assisted,
participated in and managed EOD projects in Iraq.

AL-SAQAR offers explosive ordnance disposal assistance in all forms – best suited for the contract. This applies both to management of the clearance, manual search/clearance, data logging/electronic registration, mechanical search/clearance, methods in combination and particularly industrialized clearing methods with the latest developed and highly advanced tools.

AL-SAQAR offers, in combination with the clearance operation or as a stand-alone service, a complete GIS – mapping and documentation package, including development of a task specific map registration, database, website etc.

AL-SAQAR offers clearance of former military or civilian firing ranges, waste depots with explosive content, old storage facilities for ammunition, all with respectable environmental solutions.
AL-SAQAR has its own capacity building concept, where EOD technicians are trained for the specific tasks AL-SAQAR works with.

AL-SAQAR works as a partner, general contractor or as a subcontractor, in cooperation with humanitarian organizations, private companies, authorities and/or military units.

AL-SAQAR implement training of employees in engineering and construction companies in ammunition awareness and teaches how to respond to ammunition findings and other munitions-related and hazardous waste.

AL-SAQAR offers also EOD training according to the IMAS standard.

Quality management

Implementation of professional demining, explosive ordnance disposal and security contracts requires that we have a complete and modern quality control system that can handle these types’ tasks.
AL-SAQAR has its own QM system but often works with internal and external quality contractors, such as consulting engineering firms, which carry out the practical part of quality assurance (QA) and final control (QC).
AL-SAQAR has its own documentation program, which makes daily inspections of the current quality possible, and also include a reporting system that is compatible with the e.g. IMSMA. This system can also be associated with other quality management and reporting systems the customers could want to use in existing projects. The solution can be implemented as a web-based solution.

The international standards and guidelines in general terms describe, how quality is assured through the ongoing QA and the final QC of the product, and AL-SAQAR lives up to these standards at any time.

AL-SAQAR also provides consultants to the technical part of the quality assurance, where AL-SAQAR consultants are involved in the daily technical inspections. AL-SAQAR also participates in the ending QC in which control of technical equipment is made.

Quality control in accordance to security contracts have proven to be extremely important. For security surveys, implementation of mail-package-handling concepts and implementation of a blast protection system, it is extremely important, that we follow the right path from start to finish to cover all aspects of the proceedings from the beginning.

The team behind AL-SAQAR has always had a reputation for delivering complete and workable solutions, which of course is a combination of technical knowledge and skills in conjunction with good and effective quality management.


AL-SAQAR offer you a unique and specialized mapping and documentation product for various EOD and Mine Clearance operations all over Iraq.

Many clearance projects in the Iraq today fail in handling the reporting, mapping and documentation in an acceptable manner.


We make sure that all documentation are developed in GIS (Geo Information Systems).

Furthermore, we produce and present documentation in several ways, such as project status maps, final documentation, databases and websites.

The structure of the documentation makes it useful for both planning, project management, quality control and final hand-over of a clearance task.

The documentation process is divided into modules, which means that individual modules can be selected or deselected according to your company/organization needs.

The documentation contains the following modules:

  • Air photos for planning
  • Staking out the areas using GPS
  • Creation of maps and reports
  • Database
  • Websites
  • Report system integration (also with IMSMA)
  • Support
  • Training

Our support also includes:

  • GPS
  • Computer Hardware
  • Software
  • Online mapping/documentation/EOD advice

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